How to Perform Ksheerabdi Dwadasi Vrat?

On Ekadasi, one must keep fasting and then read Dwadasi parayanam, and in the evening, take bath, clean the area of Tulasi pot, decorate with colorful rangavallis, do pooja with utmost reverence to the Lord residing at the root of the brindavanam – Tulasi plant, offer coconut, jaggery, dates, sugarcane and bananas as prasadam. Then offer tamboolams and neerajanam, along with mantra pushpam, then read or listen to the effectiveness of Deepadanam, offer deepadanam to a Brahmin along with sandalwood, flowers and fruits. Thus if one performs the pooja, one can get the result of their wishes.

See Ksheerabdi Dwadashi Puja Vidhanam.

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